Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I feel a blog post coming on...

It's there. Lurking. Growing. This thing inside of me that will one day break free and live on its own.

No, I am not pregnant. It's a blog post!

Hello, my name is Shelly and I was once a blogger. I loved being a blogger. Blogging, for me, was such an outlet to the constant barrage of thoughts swimming in my head, thoughts that much of the time I truly desired to share with others. (I find that strange to say out loud, and yet, it is true.) I am one of those weird gals who actually enjoys writing and teaching and speaking and leading, although most of the time I barely have time to go potty by myself, much less write or teach or speak or lead. And so, amid the husband, kids, the dog, the schedules, the friends, the families, the church, Pilgrimage, etc, and yadda yadda yadda...this blog that I birthed in March of 2010 has, ahem, struggled to stay alive. In fact, it has sat completely dormant since October of 2010 and I have lived life without it. But I must admit that I miss it.

I miss letting my creative mind run free for the right words said in the right way, to express even a fraction of the excitement I feel over the Lord and what He is doing. I miss hearing that I said something well enough to touch another person. I miss laughing at myself for being That Dork. I miss knowing that even from my tiny, cluttered office in my tiny, crowded house in my tiny neck of the woods in my zany momof6kids world, I can still impact Christ's Kingdom here on earth.

I do so love this blog.

So, here I sit on the first afternoon I have had totally and completely to myself in months, being soothed by the clickity clack of my keyboard, wondering if anyone is still out there willing to read His Nut Speaking? Will any followers return? Is this blog merely a dime a dozen in the big world of blogging, tweeting, and surfing that we do on the internet, or can it, in fact, have an impact?? I console myself with the truth that God only knows, but that I must try. To the best of my ability, without forsaking my hubby, kids, schedules, family, friends, or church, I shall try yet again to be a blogger.

Thank God His power is made perfect in my weakness.


jodi said...

I read it and I am glad you write. Keep um coming! And have a great day!!- Jodi (Dry Creek Alumnus) :-)

David said...

Just to let you know we are still here. I knew that there was something just waiting to get out. Welcome back to the world of blogging.

Debby said...

WOOT----WOOT!!!!! I have REALLY missed reading your thoughts! I can't wait for them to burst forth once again - Ya, Sure! Ya Betcha!

Mandy Murdock said...

I'm still here shel!!