Thursday, February 17, 2011

All is well

Last October, Dan and I were privileged enough to hop on a plane and serve on a Pilgrimage weekend. If you have never heard me talk about Pilgrimage, you must not stand near me very often. I talk about it a lot. Really a lot. (I'll bet a few of you can vouch for me on that one :) But I love it so dearly and it is one of those things in our lives that, for me anyway, gets me as close to Heaven as I can get on this earth. It's not a temporary spiritual high, a mountain top experience off of which I will inevitably tumble, or the place I find God every six months so that I have to then go back every six months. It is, instead, the place where my heart is drawn closer to Christ and never is the place where I am in community with the Body and this world is shut out...and it is the place that for three days I get to be sold-out to Christ in everything I do without looking like a looney. I may be a Nut, but I don't want to be a looney.

Anyway, at that weekend in October, I learned a praise song that has yet to leave my heart. It is perfect for me and my life and my trials and my hopes. My hope is in Christ, yet I live in this broken world, and I am not always as strong as I could be. I waver in wondering if I'm doing it right. I grow tired of waiting for answers to prayers. Etc, yadda yadda.

You get my drift.

So, for your reading pleasure, I would like to share the words of this song with you, words that chorus through my head and my heart and bring me comfort. Enjoy.

All is Well
He lowers us to raise us, that we may sing His praises,
Whatever is His way...all is well.
And though the seasons change, still one thing remains,
whatever is His way...all is well.
All my changes come from Him, He who never changes.
I'm held firm in the grasp of the Rock of the ages.
All is well with my soul
He is God in control
I know not all His plans
But I know I'm in His hands

Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well. 3rd John 1:2

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