Tuesday, July 10, 2012

coming soon

Coming soon...a woman with time! 

After 14.5 years of infants, toddlers, and/or preschoolers in this Nut House, in a mere 36 days the last one goes to Kindergarten.  And I, a woman who has forgotten what it is like to get to choose how she shall spend her days, will be in an empty home.  A home devoid of the calls of a child in distress, a home devoid of potty accidents, a home devoid of lemonade spills, a home devoid of tantrums.  And a home devoid of hugs, kisses, giggles, and tousled heads of naptime hair.

I'm dreading it, to be perfectly honest. 

I don't know how to anticipate what this new phase of my life will be like, so I have decided to wait til it happens to react.  But even though I am not sure I will like it, or how I will handle it, I do sort of look forward to one little aspect of my not so distant future, and is the luxury of TIME.  What is it like to look at the clock and declare that you have 8 hours to dedicate to your whims?  To clean a little here, exercise a little there, call a friend here, volunteer there...it sounds perfectly luxurious.

OK, maybe I am not totally dreading it.  Maybe I'll even blog again.