Monday, May 10, 2010

ramblings of a night owl

I should be in bed. Not only because the clock says so, but because this night owl is actually tired. I was nearly on the couch asleep an hour ago........wait--did I just type nearly on the couch?? Sheesh. Let me clarify..........I was on the couch nearly asleep an hour ago (aah, much better), but since Dan has to leave for work at 11pm, there is no actual dozing off for me before then. No way. None. When your man has to stand on a concrete floor all night long while you sleep in a soft warm bed all night long, if anyone gets the privilege of dozing in front of a TV in the evenings, I guarantee it is gonna be him. Which brings me back to my original point. I am sleepy tonight. I should go to bed. You'd think, by this stage in my life, I would have learned that fatigue should equal bed. But for me, notsomuch. For me, fatigue has come to mean "forge ahead". I'm not saying it is necessarily healthy. Just, quite often, necessary. So here I sit, at 11:39pm on a dark and rainy night, typing instead of sleeping. Truth be told, I have missed the blog these past few days, and even without a clear pre-planned thought to express, I feel like typing.

I thought I might share with you some random nothings from my life. After all, a pile of nothings still might add up to something! (I hope.)

.....I was hugging Emma (5 years) the other day when she says, "Mom, if you had some of that oil that takes away spots and bumps, your face would look better." Great. Now I have a fat belly and a bumpy face. I am going to duct tape both of my daughters' mouths shut. (And please don't look real close the next time you see me, just to see if she is right!)

.....I looked out the kitchen window last week to see my 6-year-old (Cole) standing in a, shall we say, strange position. When I asked him about it, he replied, "Oh, I was just peeing in a bottle." Of course he was. Why wouldn't he pee in a bottle when there are 5 acres of grass in every direction??

.....Speaking of kitchen windows, even though living where I live it seems to me like the wind never stops blowing, it is muddy way to often for my taste, and the flies exist just to make me crazy, the view out my front door when the flies are at their peak is exquisite. And so, on many an early morning in summer and fall, it is not uncommon to see me running barefoot to the lane in my jammies to try to capture the beauty of God's artistry. Enjoy just a sample...

No matter how many mornings I look, I am continually in awe of God's creation. The vastness of His sky. The colors of His palette. The quietness of the mist. The stillness of the morning. The gentleness of His sunrise. It is intoxicating! And yet all of it exists on this broken earth. This earth that will someday pass away. This earth that cannot for one second compare with the beauty of Heaven.

God stuns me.

I'm not sure if I amounted to anything tonight, but with the thought of sunrises on my mind, I am crawling into bed. Nitey-nite.


Anonymous said...

amazing amazing pictures. His awesomeness leaves me breathless... To Him be honor and might, forever..Amen!

David said...

All of your pictures are great but I especially like the last one with the rays of sunlight reaching up. And yes, all you thoughts made sense even at 11 at night. Thank you for sharing your stories with us.