Thursday, April 22, 2010

out of the mouths of babes

First off, let me apologize to the men who may read this. If you don't want to hear a 2-year-old and her mother discussing the female form, now is the time to stop reading. If, however, you are a father or grandfather and know all about the wonderful things a child notices--however embarassing it may be--then, by all means, read on!

So I was getting dressed after my shower a few weeks ago with my sweet 2-year-old in the room, and the conversation went something like this…

“Mommy, I like your nipples.”

“Thanks, Honey.” (How does one respond to that, really?)

“Do you like my nipples too?”

“Yes, Kendall, they are very nice.”

“Mom, you have boobs?” (Breasts is too hard to say with a lisp)

“Yes, and someday your nipples will get boobs under them, too.”

“They will??” (Wide-eyed and amazed)



“Because God made you a girl, and every girl has them.” (Simple and to the point. Maybe she will drop this subject and let me get dressed.)

“God made me??”

“Yes, honey God made you.”

“On the Mii channel??” (Must be time to back off on the Wii!)

“No, Kendall, He made you in my belly”

“Ohhhhh, in your fat belly? You do have a fat belly, Mommy.” (Visualize Kendall with her eyebrows raised, looking up at me as a fitness trainer would if I had gained 5 pounds in a week)

“Yes, I do Kendall, and thanks for noticing.”

Note to self: lay off the cake and lock the bedroom door.


Christine said...

Thanks for sharing Shelly! I swear I've had pretty much the exact conversation with Grace maybe more than once... so glad I'm not alone!

Hightower Photography said...

Have to love the honesty, even though brutal and the point, of a child. And their ever interested mind that just soaks up everything. Lizzy has been noticing the differences between boys and girls, so it is a challenge to find the right answers to quesitons.
Thanks for the laugh, I needed that one.